The Rhinestone Kitties and the Furry Dog is a hip musical group that creates music for children of all ages. Dressed in colorful rhinestones, the Kitties have a 1980's retro vibe. They are the main vocalists accompanied by the Furry Dog on drums and a loveable rabbit on guitar named Bucktooth Jim. In addition, they'll have renowned star guest musicians and singers who will record and perform on their music videos. Some of our guests include famous drummer and producer, Narada Michael Walden and Carlos Santana.

The fun music video series is created by teachers in the field of education and psychology with Masters in Family Therapy degrees, a Grammy winning producer/songwriter, and a musician/recording engineer. Their music encompasses many different styles ranging from soft melodic ballads to rhythmic high energy dance tunes including rhythm and blues, pop, and disco. The music and lyrics are inspired by their own personal experiences that relay positive messages to children and families. They promote creative expression, family values, confidence and self esteem, and kindness toward others.